Educational Trust

Charity number: 1037556 - promoting either generally or individually the education of persons who are resident in the Parish of Newport Pagnell and who are in need of financial assistance.

How the fund came about

In the late 80's early 90's our beautiful parish church was in a state of disrepair and funds needed to be raised. One of the parishes other buildings ie Church House was also in a similar state and maintenance costs were large. Therefore the PCC decided to sell Church House. 

After a lot of problems it was sold, but the Charity Commissioners brought up the fact that the original purchase of Church House by the Parish was paid for out of funds of the sale of the Church Of England School in Newport Pagnell. The Charity Commissioners decided that only part of the sale funds (69.25%)should go to the Parish Church and that the rest (30.75%) should be used to set up a trust which we know as our Educational Trust.

Once this was all agreed our 30.75% was invested with the Central Board of Finance.  This is the capital which cannot be used.  The interest on this from when the sale was finalised in 1989, until our trust was set up in 1994 was transferred to the Deposit account with the CBF. In August 1994, another local charity decided to join up with us. Namely the Atterbury and Christies charities, which added a further £700.90 to our funds. Funds from the deposit account are transferred to our current account from time to time to pay grants as necessary.

We have several conditions that we must adhere to.  Mainly that a grant must be used for promoting generally or individually the education of persons resident in the parish of Newport Pagnell. It can be for financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools books etc to pursue their education. We also have a small fund specifically for the purchase of musical instruments.

If you want to apply download this form and send to:

Malcolm Godwin, Secretary Newport Pagnell Educational Trust

Parish Office

St Peter & St Paul church

High Street

Newport Pagnell

MK16 8AR

Tel: 01908 611145, Email:

or complete this form online

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