The Churchwardens


Kimonie Nicholls spent her childhood in Surrey, moving to Newport Pagnell in 1992 following three years in Wales and eight in Hertfordshire. Wherever sha has lived, Kimonie has immersed herself in some aspect of church life. In this parish she has served on the PCC as a deanery synod representative since 2013 and became churchwarden in 2018. When not supporting the church in her role as a churchwarden, she is happiest outdoors, pottering in the garden or walking. If the weather is not so good she also enjoys sewing or trying to research more of her family history. If you would like to speak to Kimonie, or have any questions about worshipping in the parish of Newport Pagnell, then do contact her at


Bill has been a Churchwarden since 2012, serving mostly in St. Luke’s. During these years there have been challenging times, busy times and certainly enjoyable times. He began his service alongside Rev'd Michael Godfrey and currently Rev'd Nick Evans, both of whom have given him the support he hopes they feel he has given them. Just before Nick came, Bill attended a Warden Training Day where he undertook training for ‘Wardens Leading Worship’ and over the past few years he has had the pleasure of leading several Morning and Evening services in both of our churches. This has also shown him the amount of work that our ministers do in the background in terms of writing sermons and prayers. Part of his work at St. Luke’s is being the church representative to Northern Pastures Preschool and the various other groups that meet in the church.
Bill Watson, 01908-613431,